Born in Kent, UK

Studied at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, UK

Lives and works in Greater Manchester, UK



Text is the visualisation of language – an attempt to specify what is meant in a clear, minimal fashion. It is uncluttered to the eye, yet once we begin to process what we are presented with, we begin to complicate it. What is the context? How is it meant to be understood / read? Are we pronouncing what is written correctly?

Language – when considered accordingly – is as convoluted as imagery. We can all see what is before us, but how we see is subject to our own experiences and associations. We believe there is objectivity in our observations, yet we inevitably project a personal conception of past experiences onto what is presented. The parameters within which we think and act are unique to the individual, yet they are mapped in part by the languages and environments surrounding us.

I began to consider how language and symbols shape our encounters with art whilst manipulating the text in my book sculptures. Indeed, what do words and non-words do to a piece? In effect, how do we translate them? Whilst musing upon the topic of translation, I have begun exploring ways of distorting and altering the aesthetic form of language; thus displaying the process of translation through visual means.