York Press article featuring one of my pieces

“Emergence” has appeared in the York Press as part of an article covering the show at the Mercer gallery in Harrogate and the charity behind it.

Featured in the Independent

I am delighted to discover my work has been placed in the Independent‘s online gallery sharing some of the work on show at the New Lights exhibition in Harrogate.

Also included in the feature: Josie Jenkins, Sarah Harris, Ben Mosley, Karolina Szymkiewicz, Jonathan Ashworth and Hannah Ostapjuk.

Exhibition at the Mercer Gallery

I am thrilled to report I have had two pieces shortlisted for the New Lights Art Prize. The exhibition is due to open at the Mercer Gallery in Harrogate and will run from 21st September until 17th November. It will move on to The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle in January 2014. More information coming soon…