“New Light” at the Mall Galleries

The New Light show at the Mall Galleries, London opens today and will run until 20th September. Here you can view work from a number of established artists with a connection to the north of England alongside a selection of artists from the “New Lights Art Prize”.

Artists include:
Mark Demsteader, Anja Percival, Emerson Mayes, Simon Wright, Norman Ackroyd, James Naughton, Diana Armstrong, Chloe Holt, Genevieve Pennington, Myles Linley, Josie Jenkins and yours truly.

Mall Galleries show due to open soon

Hanging almost complete at the Mall Galleries, London for the “New Lights” show (opening 15th September 2014). An e-catalogue is available to view online, providing information about the charity and the artists involved. Images appear courtesy of New Lights.

Featured in the “Huffington Post”

Sculptural Net Number 2 has selected as one of the preview images for Steven Heller and Gail Anderson’s latest book “Typographic Universe” in the Arts and Culture section of the Huffington Post.

Featured in “Typographic Universe” by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson”

Delighted to announce that Typographic Universe by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson has just been published by Thames and Hudson. The book launch is taking place at The Powerhouse Arena, New York on 16th September 2014.

The book features a few of my recent sculptural experiments with typography: Sculptural Net Number 1, Sculptural Net Number 2 and my on-going book sculpture Tameidiau Ohona’i (begun in 2012).

Second image in this post appears courtesy of Eye magazine.

Featured in “Paper Secret” published by Hightone in Guangzhou, China

I am pleased to announce that Hightone have published their new book “Paper Secret”. The title comes in two parts (both of which feature my work). Featuring “Evolution Triptych”, “The Origin of Man”, “Lowson’s Textbook Erosion”, “Emergence”, “Sculptural Net Number 1”, “Sculptural Net Number 2” and “Tameidiau Ohona’i”.