Artist talk with Sara Riccardi at Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Thoroughly enjoyed guiding the public through my solo show “Beyond the Linear” with the brilliant art historian Sara Riccardi of Art Across the other evening. It was wonderful to see everyone engaging with my practice and making connections between the variety of processes I use.

For this event, Sara and I decided to approach the talk in a slightly unusual way. The audience were called upon to determine points of focus through vigorous discussion. This informed the path we took around the exhibition and as a result the talk could have taken several different routes; it all depended on the audience’s perceptions of the work on display. This format was conceived by observing my practice as a whole; responding to my processes, identifying interwoven concepts and exploring my working methods.

Thank you very much to Sara for her fascinating historical insights and Steven Heaton for documenting the event (all photos appear courtesy of him).

Coming soon… Beyond the Linear – Artist Talk with Sara Riccardi

Not long until the talk for my solo show (due to take place at Salford Museum and Art Gallery on the 20th February, 6.30-7.45pm to coincide with my show “Beyond the Linear”). This will be a talk with a difference!

Developed in collaboration with Sara Riccardi of Art Across, prepare yourself for a guided, interactive experience lead entirely by your engagement with the works on display. We look forward to welcoming you there!

Material Matters in Conversation

A few photographs from the Material Matters in conversation event held at Saul Hay Gallery on 15th September. The talk was hosted by art historian Sara Riccardi and involved six of the exhibiting artists (Susan Gunn, Rachel Grimshaw, Jane Fairhurst, Tracey Eastham, Diana Terry and me). A thoroughly enjoyable evening with plenty to ponder from the artists involved and the insightful commentary delivered by Sara reflecting on artistic practice in historical context. Look forward to more Art Across events in the future!

All images appear courtesy of Art Across apart from 3-4 (courtesy of Saul Hay Gallery) and 11-12 (courtesy of Helena Denholm).

Material Matters and Art Across in conversation

An invitation to join us for Material Matters and Art Across in conversation at Saul Hay Gallery on 15th September, 18:30-20:30…

The discussion will be led by founder of the Art Across project and art historian Sara Riccardi and involves six of the exhibiting artists (myself included). Tickets for this special event are available on the Art Across website.