Featured in publication ToCall : No. 6

Delighted to announce that I have been invited to share my work in ToCall magazine – a simple, monochrome mimeograph edition limited to 100 copies.

The magazine was initiated by Petra Sculze-Wollgast and is inspired by the last issue of Tlaloc which was published in 1970 and edited by Cavan McCarthy. Copies are available to purchase from Petra’s website here. Each issue features works by international authors, poets or artists focussed on a specific topic and is published under Plaugolt SatzWechsler (or PSW).


Infinity Squared – Threshold 2019

Had a wonderful time performing at Best Before with Reid Anderson as part of Operation Lightfoot‘s launch event Infinity Squared (produced by Emilio Pinchi and directed by Luke Moore). Unfortunately the venue would not allow much coverage so I only have one image of the performance courtesy of Jazamin Sinclair.


Artist talk with Sara Riccardi at Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Thoroughly enjoyed guiding the public through my solo show “Beyond the Linear” with the brilliant art historian Sara Riccardi of Art Across the other evening. It was wonderful to see everyone engaging with my practice and making connections between the variety of processes I use.

For this event, Sara and I decided to approach the talk in a slightly unusual way. The audience were called upon to determine points of focus through vigorous discussion. This informed the path we took around the exhibition and as a result the talk could have taken several different routes; it all depended on the audience’s perceptions of the work on display. This format was conceived by observing my practice as a whole; responding to my processes, identifying interwoven concepts and exploring my working methods.

Thank you very much to Sara for her fascinating historical insights and Steven Heaton for documenting the event (all photos appear courtesy of him).

Coming soon… Beyond the Linear – Artist Talk with Sara Riccardi

Not long until the talk for my solo show (due to take place at Salford Museum and Art Gallery on the 20th February, 6.30-7.45pm to coincide with my show “Beyond the Linear”). This will be a talk with a difference!

Developed in collaboration with Sara Riccardi of Art Across, prepare yourself for a guided, interactive experience lead entirely by your engagement with the works on display. We look forward to welcoming you there!

Private view for my solo show “Beyond the Linear” at Salford Art Gallery

The time is almost upon us! I will be hosting a private view for my solo show “Beyond the Linear” on 12th December (from 5:30pm until 7:45pm). The event is free to attend and will include a unique musical intervention from live musicians as well as a sound collaboration with Luke Hodgkinson. All are welcome to attend and tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Hope to see you there!


Show information:

As beings we take comfort from structure and the organisation of ideas. Nowhere is this more evident than in our methods of communication.

Text is the visualisation of language; the simplification of meaning. Superficially ordered to the eye, complexities manifest once we begin to process. What is the context? What is its intention?

“Beyond the Linear” exposes subtleties in our exchanges and probes the nature of communication itself. Exploring the cognitive properties of sight through a series of visual puzzles; Lloyd identifies the shift between looking and reading. Content and form merge to complicate and acknowledge language’s accessibility.

The diverse range of media on offer invites the viewer to explore the connotations of materials and their ability to shape narrative. Lloyd believes matter to be integral to artistic process since it has the capacity to connect with prior experiences. Such triggers are considered when she examines the impact of the contemporary digital landscape and its effect on us as tactile beings.

In an age of marked polarisation and renewed discourse regarding the nature of content and dialogue’s authenticity, Lloyd believes it crucial to investigate the fundamentals of communication. Through this we gain a deeper, more critical insight into how our understanding is shaped and disseminated.

Video and performance piece at Leaf on Bold Street, Liverpool

A few photos of the event taking place on 13th January at Leaf in Liverpool, featuring a collaboration between Dorothy Bird, Operation Lightfoot (Luke Moore, Alice Kirwan, Emily McDaid, Luke Hodgkinson and Deborah Elizabeth), Jazamin Sinclair and myself.

Liverpool Acoustic event at Leaf on Bold Street… coming soon!

Looking forward to the Liverpool Acoustic event tonight at Leaf, Liverpool! Featuring a collaboration with Jazamin Sinclair and Operation Lightfoot. If you fancied popping over to see what we’ve been working on, doors open at 7.30pm on Saturday 13th January.

Filming at Sort Rehearsal Rooms, Liverpool for collaboration with Operation Lightfoot.

A few images from the filming of my performance at Sort Rehearsal Rooms ahead of Saturday’s collaboration with Operation Lightfoot (due to take place at Leaf on Bold Street, Liverpool as part of the Liverpool Acoustic songwriting challenge final). All photos appear courtesy of Jazamin Sinclair.

Update from Los Angeles – Collaboration with Aimee Thieu

At the beginning of the year I began work on a collaborative project “Lexicon and Letters” with Los Angeles based artist Aimee Thieu. I started by creating three sets of dissected letters for Aimee (from my Betabet piece) and a few dissected sentences. Once completed, they were packaged and sent off to her so that she could begin the process of decoding and translating the forms.

Here are a few images to show the latest developments… Really looking forward to seeing where this goes!

You can keep up to date with her progress on Instagram.

All images are provided courtesy of Aimee Thieu.

Body of Evidence Exhibition, Gauteng, South Africa

Almost time for the opening night of Ciara Struwig’s show “Body of Evidence” (due to open this Saturday, 9th April)! I am really proud to be a part of this fantastic project which saw Ciara collaborating with a variety of artists from around the world. The exhibition takes place in Gauteng and will run until 22nd April. More information regarding the project and other artists involved in the collaboration can be found on her site.