Video and performance piece at Leaf on Bold Street, Liverpool

A few photos of the event taking place on 13th January at Leaf in Liverpool, featuring a collaboration between Dorothy Bird, Operation Lightfoot (Luke Moore, Alice Kirwan, Emily McDaid, Luke Hodgkinson and Deborah Elizabeth), Jazamin Sinclair and myself.

Liverpool Acoustic event at Leaf on Bold Street… coming soon!

Looking forward to the Liverpool Acoustic event tonight at Leaf, Liverpool! Featuring a collaboration with Jazamin Sinclair and Operation Lightfoot. If you fancied popping over to see what we’ve been working on, doors open at 7.30pm on Saturday 13th January.

Filming at Sort Rehearsal Rooms, Liverpool for collaboration with Operation Lightfoot.

A few images from the filming of my performance at Sort Rehearsal Rooms ahead of Saturday’s collaboration with Operation Lightfoot (due to take place at Leaf on Bold Street, Liverpool as part of the Liverpool Acoustic songwriting challenge final). All photos appear courtesy of Jazamin Sinclair.

Art Across – In Conversation at Material Matters

The video taken at Saul Hay Gallery during the “In Conversation” event is now available online! Featuring (from left to right): Susan Gunn, Rachel Grimshaw, myself, Sara Riccardi, Jane Fairhurst, Tracey Eastham and Diana Terry.

All footage was shot by Michela Riccardi of Art Across.


Ideas4Ordsall – “How the Art World Works: Solo Exhibitions in Public Art Galleries”

I’m pleased to announce that the short film I took part in has been uploaded to YouTube and is ready for viewing. The film was created as part of the Ideas4Ordsall project and focuses on solo exhibitions in public art galleries.

Featuring the Exhibitions Coordinator from Salford Art Gallery and two other artists (David Lowther and Claire Hignett). Directed by Cheryl Twomey. Produced by Jessica Symons.

The film is supported by University of Salford and AHRC Connected Communities.



Filming at Salford Art Gallery

I am pleased to share that I am currently involved in a filmed project with Salford University’s Jessica Symons, producer Cheryl Twomey and a couple of other artists (Claire Hignett and David Lowther).

First part of the production went underway today at Salford Art Gallery where we met up with curator Amy Goodwin for a discussion on our practices and how each of us would go about approaching the gallery. Images appear courtesy of Cheryl Twomey and Jessica Symons.