Séminaire annuel des Jeudis du genre feature

Proud to have been asked to provide artwork for the 2022-2023 “Gender Thursdays” seminars at Université Tolouse Jean Jaurès. Very exciting that a piece concerned with addressing how one is defined is being used for seminars reflecting on the constructions, manipulations and subversions of gender and/or sexual assignment in literature, history, arts and culture.

Art Web Radio Online Exhibition

My work was recently requested by ART Web Radio for an online exhibition. You can see my piece and other selected artworks in their June selection.

Other artists included in this exhibition include:
Flora Borsi, Roberto Kusterle, Daleast, Mark Demsteader, Ramon Bruin, Guillem Marí, Nazar Bilyk, Itamar Jobani, David M. Bowers, Levi van Veluw, Martin Ksinan, Luc Merx, Lou Ros, Jim Skull.